The Picklemouse Story – The tale behind the mouse.

Ask anyone at Mouse House HQ the most frequently asked question at Picklemouse Corner and we will all have the same answer. Rarely a day goes by that we are not asked how the Picklemouse name came to be and what was the inspiration behind “Stiches” the mouse featured in our Picklemouse logo.

Pam Davis, the founder of all things Picklemouse, grew up in a family where her mothers hands were never idle. Her mother Peg could never just sit- she was always stitching, knitting or crocheting. So from an early age Pam’s love of all craft was established. Pam trained as a teacher and taught many craft classes. In her spare time she sewed and baked and had a stand at Cobbitty Markets for many years.

After marriage and three daughters Pam’s life took an unexpected turn when her husband Bill was diagnosed with breast cancer. Bill recovered fully but it made her realise time was very precious. Pam had always dreamed of opening her own store, teaching her own classes and sharing her love for creating. So with Bill’s encouragement she pursued the possibility. Together they literally stumbled across the cottage that would become the space for the business for the next 25 years – a little cottage in Megalong Street in Leura Village in the Blue Mountains.

Heritage in nature, the cottage could not be demolished to expand the carpark and instead the building was renovated and up for lease – 5 separate businesses. Together, Pam and Bill had 3 days to write a business plan and submit it. To their delight they were successful! They secured the room that had been the kitchen. So off they went to Parramatta to register a business name. This was not an easy exercise. Pam wanted a title with a country feel in keeping with the cottage surroundings, but country names proved incredibly popular.

With a hint of disappointment ‘Room for Country’ was registered, it hadn’t been exactly what Pam was after, but regardless, she was still thrilled her patchwork and quilting business was coming together. Pam dropped into her parents place for a cuppa to share the news and the new business name. Unfortunately she didn’t get the reaction she was hoping for. Her Dad Harry (who had a marketing background) was not impressed. He told her, very tactfully, he didn’t think the name it was particularly distinctive or catchy.

He only verbalised what Pam had been thinking, but it hurt. So she decided it had to be changed- but to what? She asked several friends for their opinion and one came up with the perfect response – Picklemouse Corner. Where did it come from? Harry had a nickname for all his children and Pam’s name was Picklemouse! So the following Monday Pam and Bill scurried back to Parramatta and after an additional outlay of $110 the new name Picklemouse Corner was confirmed. Pam says “The name Picklemouse has been my fathers greatest legacy and re-registering the name has been one of my best business decisions.”

Picklemouse truly has family roots – firstly with Pam’s parents and now her own family. Bill has been and still is her greatest supporter and more recently has been very involved with the creation of the Picklemouse Online Shop. All three daughters have also worked in the business. When you combine their contribution with the skills, creativity and dedication of all who work at Mouse House HQ it makes an amazing team – Team Picklemouse!