Picklemouse Corner – Shop Online!

In the mountains a little mouse has been busy creating an online shop for her patchwork house!

Our patchwork and quilting boutique in Leura Village in the Blue Mountains is a very special place. For over 24 years it has been the home of our little mouse ‘Stitches’ and hundreds of creative projects ranging from simple cushions to elaborate quilts and everything in between. At Picklemouse Corner our love of patchwork has been at the heart of everything we do.

For a very long time we have wanted to create an online shop – where our instore products could be available to everyone who loves patchwork and quilting, not just to those who reside in the Blue Mountains or that have the opportunity to visit our store or show stand. With the onset of Covid, we were given the incentive to implement our longer term plans much sooner than expected and we are excited to announce that finally our online shop is now open!

Launching our online shop has been a huge learning curve – and we’re still learning! But with some good wine and nibbles (cheese of course) we’ve been able to spend the time required to develop our website. When we look at ‘Stitches’ (featured in our Picklemouse logo) I’m reminded just how far we have come.

When we first featured our logo we occupied the smallest room in our charming country cottage. Over the years we have slowly expanded to the size we are today – occupying more than half the premises.

Twenty years ago we began exhibiting at major craft exhibitions, initially the Stitches and Craft Shows and then the Craft and Quilt Fairs. Undoubtedly the longevity of our presence in the craft industry can be directly attributed to our participation in these events which gave us great national exposure.

In true mouse style we scurried to create our website, and Facebook and Instagram pages and now we have an online shop and have started our new blog, Mouse House HQ.

With all this excitement we wanted to take the opportunity to thank, you – our loyal customers. Your orders, inspiration and encouragement have been greatly appreciated by Team Picklemouse aka Mouse House HQ. The last 12 months have been full of challenges and surprises for all of us. A mouse’s heart really can beat 632 times a minute! But through bushfires, pandemics, floods and new online ventures our little Picklemouse keeps on stitching. We are extremely proud of what we continue to create.

Visit www.picklemousecorner.com to see some of our latest projects. Oh and don’t forget to like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the know about our new products and special offers.

Thanks again for your support.